International School of Cultural Heritage

The International School of Cultural Heritage creates a collaborative network of interaction and exchange, a permanent international platform where to share successful models and procedures.

The International School of Cultural Heritage is a laboratory for professionals involved in the management of cultural heritage where they can share knowledge, practices, methods and models on the themes of conservation, development and economic and social development.


2019/2020 Programme
Managing Mediterranean archaeological heritage: challenges and strategies

The 2019 International School focuses on the management and development of archaeological sites, with reference to three specific areas of interest:

  • Knowledge and protection of archaeological heritage
  • Applied technology for the protection and development of archaeological heritage
  • Archaeology and social and economic development

The model requires each participant to suggest an “innovation challenge”, a management problem they face in their own work and wish to investigate further.

Participants come into contact with Italian and international experiences in the management of archaeological sites and consider how some of those experiences could be applied to their own context.

Participants to the first edition are invited from South and East Mediterranean area.


Where  • When  • What

  • Rome

November December 2019 – Common module

Seminars by national and international experts presenting examples and case studies

Visits to the most important institutions, companies and administrations active in the management of cultural heritage in Rome

Study visits to archaeological sites in Rome accompanied by experts discussing key issues in relation to the managing of architectural heritage.

  • various sites in Italy

January March 2020 – Fieldwork

During a 3-month fieldwork in an Italian archaeological heritage institution, participants study its management methods and develop their individual projects in response to their own “innovation challenge”.

  • Rome

March April 2020 – Final module

Discussions, group work, exercises to complete the projects developed during the fieldwork.

A final high-level closing seminar in Rome, in the presences of the senior managers of participants’ organizations



Participants are a maximum of twenty professionals engaged in cultural heritage management or administration in the Mediterranean area and who currently work in public or private institutions managing archaeological assets and sites.

Candidates are proposed by the relevant Authorities of the area to an Evaluation Commission appointed by the Fondazione.



Lecturers and experts come from the world of research, training, management and consulting and relate projects and success stories at national  and international level, in both the public and private sectors.

Tutors assist participants in the development of their innovation projects.

Dedicated office staff provides participants with technical and logistical assistance.



Participation is free of charge.

The Fondazione wishes to facilitate participation and therefore provides for some of the participants’ expenses.

All the activities on the programme are in English



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